Dawn Rises

Tell Your Story ~ Write Your Own Healing

Tiffany’s Travel Log Issue #1


Today I am on the cusp of launching this website and I’ll be noting some of my travels down my healing path, remarking on current events, telling a story or two, sharing my perspectives and letting you all into a partial view of my life. 

Launching this site has been a labor of love and lots of back and forth with my awesome partner in adventure, Jim! Endless Discord and Hangouts discussions have gone into this and it’s great to have some back up! 

My travels up to this point have been full of ups and downs, discoveries, learning experiences, excitement and everything else you can imagine! 

My first podcasts will be some background stories about me. A place to get to know me. Some time for me to relate about some of the parts of my own journey that were instrumental to where I am today. I’ll be raw and authentic in an effort to manifest space for YOU to feel safe to be raw and authentic too. Getting to that depth is where we make changes.  

My love language is creating a sacred space for you to take off your armor, feel your feelings and be held with love. Let’s tell our stories and write our own healing, together.