Dawn Rises

Tell Your Story ~ Write Your Own Healing

Age of Women


In this day and age women have never been as free to work and have access to education which is what women have fought for time out of mind.

However, we still carry the responsibilities of bringing children into the world and nurturing them. With this can come trauma, disappointment, and sometimes mental illness. A lot of these issues we continue to carry with us because of various reasons; no access to professional help, unsupported by family, some women just don’t have the time or space to address these things. 

 I have been carrying a huge amount of trauma throughout my life and I have sought help. I’ve been through a lot of therapy and have tried almost every anti-depressant. These things have been helpful but have not touched the root of the problem. 

 This beautiful ceremony gently addresses the source of the trauma and lets each person control the path and depth they wish to go with it. It is a safe place surrounded by love and people with similar goals guided by Tiffany who has used her experiences to put together exercises we use as a group to heal. 

 For me, this was a wonderful first step in a healing journey. I hope to help others along the way. 

Love always,

Jessica M.