Dawn Rises

Tell Your Story ~ Write Your Own Healing


Who is Tiffany?

She is frequently badass, as women are, in often unremarked, but remarkable ways. Operates solidly in the “clean enough” camp, inherited honestly from her mom. Champion board game player from 1975-1978 in Sorry!, Monopoly, Life, Candyland,  and Chinese checkers thanks to the coaching and encouragement of her dad.

Emerged from the womb with stories in her mind and heart, bursting to be shared

Has mastered the art of mothering through late night cry-fests, taken on the Herculean task of laundering for a family of 8. Managed to plate 3, usually healthy, meals a day for a voracious hoard and catch some TV time here and there.

A prodigious reader, there are mountains of books waiting their turn, articles sipped, courses taken or languishing, all tackled as time, attention and energy allow. Or tossed out for being terrible. Literary judgement is a harsh reality and a necessary measure for sanity. Nothing is sacrosanct in the written word for this woman, if it doesn’t sing to the soul, it’s time to move on.

Proud high school graduate with years of yearning for a University experience that has been  lived vicariously through TV, movies, fiction and the occasional campus tour.

Experienced part time “whatever pays bills and buys diapers” employee with a handful of unique legal under-the-table pay opportunities. Currently, full time boss lady of awesome.

Standard-bearer of the “do whatever you can to figure out time management coping skills while dealing with depression/anxiety/trauma and undiagnosed possible ADHD” club. Successful at the sink-or-swim technique of do-it-yourself divorce.

Advocate of continuous perambulation on the path towards self-actualization through healing modalities that work for the individual. Supports the body with herbal medicines by crafting tinctures, teas and salves, and is logical enough to use evidence-based Western medicine when appropriate.

Tends heavily towards the “woo-woo”. Lifelong interests in metaphysical stores and ideas, incense, candles, herbs and oddities keep a hippy vibe going. Not a tie-dyed  aesthetic though, instead it’s the soft, colorful, Bohemian, flowers and dirt that is the energy flow here.

Accesses energetic fields for self and others to hold healing space through tapping and Reiki. Frequently fearful and courageous in delving into the art of Authentic Relating. Turned tendency to sedentary life into a virtue through meditation.

Found that intimate romping with Tantra is fun, connecting and yummy.

Tiffany is a spiritual being having a physical experience in a female human body and learning to enjoy the ride and moving from surviving to thriving! Her love language is creating a sacred space for you to take off your armor, feel your feelings and be held with love.


As the founder of Dawn Rises, Tiffany wants to provide a place for all to tell their story and write their own healing.

“We will come together, create a unique space of inclusivity, compassion, respect, listening and heart centered care. We will tell our stories and write our healing.”
Master EFT Practitioner

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and is also called tapping or meridian tapping. This technique uses fingertip pressure on various acupressure points on the body combined with focus statements around the issue we are working on. 

This reduces the “charge” of the issue in the energetic body that has been mapped out in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  for approximately 3000 years. A TCM practitioner works with approximately 2000 points on the body.

 An EFT/tapping practitioner works with significantly less. We are not TCM practitioners, our work focuses on a small number of meridians that we have found works well to help individuals reduce intensity on a number of issues. 

I started my journey with Gary Craig, who was the pioneer in this field. My journey began in 2003 and I have used it on everything! 





Physical pain

The “charge” is what we refer to as the “zzzt!” you feel when you bump up against whatever causes you distress. Traumatic memory, a phobia, pain, etc. The first incident of this situation “shocked” you, your mind and your body. Per the TCM ideology, the body can hold this “zzzt!” and cause it to increase over time. 

This is a survival technique from our more primitive selves. You fall as a child, you get scared and shocked, the next time you are in a position to fall, your body/mind gives you a “zzzt!” to remind you to be careful of falling so you survive. 

This is how we learn to stay safe and there is an appropriate level to that “zzzt!” Sometimes though, that “zzzt!” gets compounded and takes over in inappropriate measure. 

As an example: Feeling caution and some fear about walking the edge of a cliff or building is appropriate. Being consumed by fear of heights to the point you can’t get on a step ladder is not. Using focus statements about your fear, the first time you felt it, what the underlying issues with your fear are and tapping on some meridian points, helps your energetic body reduce and release that “zzzt!” to appropriate levels. 

Today I incorporate EFT with a number of other techniques  in a holistic approach to coaching an individual in their journey to personal healing and transformation. 

Reiki Master

Reiki Principles anyone can follow at any time.

Just for today, do not worry.

Just for today, do not anger.

Just for today, be humble.

Just for today, be honest.

Just for today, be compassionate toward yourself and others. 

I started this journey in 2009. Reiki is a Japanese spiritual healing technique. Practitioners can help your body heal itself through hand on, hands off and distance use. “Rei” translates to “universe” or “life force,” and “ki” translates to the physical energy of the body, also known as qi or chi; put together, Reiki translates to “universal life force energy.”

When you learn Reiki, you are attuned to it by a Reiki Master/Teacher. I practice Usui Reiki. 

I use my attunement with Reiki to assist your body/mind/spirit to be more in tune with the universal energy that surrounds us all. Assisting you to feel calm, centered, energized and relaxed. This helps you find your way to healing. 

There are 3-4 levels of Reiki.

  1. Level 1 – Shoden or “First Teachings”. First attunement by a Reiki Master where you learn and integrate the first Reiki symbol. The person is tuned into the Universal energy and after attunement is encouraged to work on self. Self Reiki is a wonderful and powerful journey to self awareness and opens one up to deep healing. At this level you can also work on friends, family, pets and plants, but are discouraged from working with paying clients. This is practice and integration time.
  2. Level 2 – Okuden or “Hidden or Inner Teachings”. Second level is where you learn two additional Reiki symbols. This is a journey to an even deeper level of connection to the energy around you, how to work on clients, distance healing and integration. 
  3. Level 3-4 – Shinpiden or “Mastery Teachings”. Third level is where you learn the Master Reiki symbol and where you are taught to pass on attunements to others. There are some Reiki schools that break up Master Reiki attunement with an additional level to become a Teacher of Reiki. My path incorporates Master & Teacher in the third level. 

I have been a Reiki Master since 2010. Reiki has been a huge blessing in my life in so many unexpected ways. I have not taught or attuned many students, that hasn’t been a focus for me in my journey. Maybe it will be in the future! 

One of my greatest blessings is having attuned my oldest son to Reiki Master in 2011. Recently, we had the amazing opportunity of working together with a couple of clients for the first time and it was indescribably beautiful to connect with each other in that way! Reiki is simply wonderful. 

Ordained Minister

I started this journey in 2017 to be able to officiate at the wedding of my friends. I have since officiated another 2 weddings. It’s one of the most joyful activities I have ever had the privilege of being a part of! 

I find my own eclectic spiritual leanings fulfilled as a minister and appreciate connecting with people in a spiritual capacity.