Dawn Rises

Tell Your Story ~ Write Your Own Healing

When we deny the story, it defines us.
When we own the story, we can write a brave new ending.

Dr. Brené Brown

If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.


Hi! I’m Tiffany Olney and am a Master EFT practitioner and Reiki Master and have 28 years of experience as a family herbalist.  I’m also a single, working mom with several kids still living at home. You can ask the kids about the herbs. They’ll tell you all about the “goldenseal gack”, “osha root shudder” and when to apply green salve or arnica!

During the majority of the 15 years I’ve worked with EFT clients, I took a ‘global’ approach, helping clients reduce or eliminate addictions, phobias, performance issues and traumas. It’s been a pleasure to work with so many issues, but I felt a call to really delve into what I know.

So what do I know?

Pregnancy, babies and kids!

I have had 9 pregnancies and 7 successful births. I adopted out one child and had two miscarriages. In those pregnancies & births I experienced fear, pain, loss, trauma, love, joy, bliss and triumph. I also experienced isolation, lack of support and community, loss of esteem and feelings of worth.

The traumas I experienced were expected to be “shoved under a rug” , “gotten over”, “glossed over” and “not talked about”. The attitude was “You have a healthy child, why are you whinning about the birth experience?” or “Oh once you’ve had the baby a while you’ll forget all about the pain and trauma.”

Except I didn’t. I went through my life, sometimes in a haze, often with this dragging sensation that I wasn’t quite ok anymore. I struggled with real pain from a cervical tear. My injury was invisible, yet debilitating for over a year. I had issues with standing up for myself after being yelled at by a doctor for flinching when he was stitching up a labial tear. In two subsequent pregnancies, after explaining to staff that I could tell delivery was imminent, I was ignored to the point of staff leaving the room and missing the delivery! One of those unstaffed deliveries ended up with a doctor rushing back in after the baby was born, pulling the placenta and causing me to bleed heavily, leading to a manual removal of clots. That was extremely unpleasant.

My “radar” started picking up on the fact that I wasn’t alone in having these types of birth experiences. I started having conversations with fellow mothers about their births. I realized that so many mothers had similar experiences to mine. Much like the #metoo movement, conversation with others opened up how prevalent this issue was in my own circle and beyond.

In fact I found there is a real epidemic of birth/obstrical violence. Unneccesary for episiotomies, lack of consent for internal exams, being unable to change positions during labor, general lack of compassion or keeping laboring mother informed about procedures, etc.

There are also situations that can cause trauma that are not the product of any of those issues. Unexpected but needed Cesarean section, other birth complications that are painful or scary, baby needing to be in NICU, loss, etc.

After birth, even a successful and blissful birth, mom’s can experience trauma at home. Unsupportive partners or family, financial distress, post-partum depression, difficulty in breastfeeding, feeling that your body isn’t “yours” anymore.

Did you know 35-41% of women experience a significant physical trauma during labor & delivery? That emotional injuries associated with lack of consent, lack of support, belittling, harassment, PTSD and more are between 24-34%?

Additionally many women have had hysterectomies. While this has been a beneficial and sometimes life saving surgery, there can still be emotional and physical trauma from this procedure.

This is when alignment with calling and experience blossomed. I began to apply EFT to my own birth trauma. I applied it to the physical wounding and the emotional scars. What happened was deep, profound healing. The ache in my heart and womb lessened, then dissipated completely. The release from decades of doubt, pain, depression, fear and trauma was thrilling! I found that ntimacy became spicy and wonderful. My heart opened to love and creativity. I finally felt like the powerful, secure, compassionate and well woman I am meant to be.

My desire is to offer this healing to my Sisters. Let’s heal the womb and reclaim our wholeness!